Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007):  

SharePoint Server 2007 enables a single point of access to multiple systems such as Microsoft Office System programs, business intelligence and project management systems, and existing line-of-business applications, including third-party and industry-specific programs. The portal, built on a scalable, highly distributed architecture, provides flexible tools for deployment, development, and management, all of which enable the portal to grow with your organization’s needs.

These integration features enable you to harness information to make use of your company's resources. Users can extract and reuse timely and relevant information from systems and reports, and quickly locate and access documents, projects, and best practices across the company. The portal features search technology developed by Microsoft Research that enables you to search file shares, Web servers, Microsoft Exchange Server public folders, Lotus Notes, and Windows SharePoint Services sites out of the box. In addition, you can organize documents and information by topic and browse for relevant content. Alerts notify you when new information is added or existing information changes to help you better use the data.

Extranet Applications: Tying your system to those of your vendors and suppliers can extend your Intranet's powerful capabilities to streamline your business processes. An Extranet is a mechanism, based on Internet and Web technology, that enables both private and selective communication with these key contacts. Through tightly integrated systems, companies are significantly reducing "non-value added" steps, cycle times and time to market. BGI has helped businesses with solutions that range from simple, secure access to their vendors' key application information to real time collaborative data sharing with their suppliers. Here are a few examples:

    - Quotations/Purchasing

    - Document Sharing

    - Self-Service Reporting

Portal Technologies: Portals provide a powerful entry point for users to access a decentralized, diverse set of information technology resources. By aggregating information, applications and services through a single, user-friendly interface, portals are a practical way to create an integrated environment, built on your best practices. If your business, like so many others, faces the challenges of connecting people, information and business processes, portal technologies offer an effective approach for managing the production, as well as sharing documents and information. The types of business issues resolved with portal technologies include:

     - Finding information within the organization

     - Collaborating and sharing business information

     - Preserving, leveraging and building upon the organization's intellectual property

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